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Sugaring Hair Removal Treatments in Algonquin

Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian form of hair removal, which uses the basic ingredients of sugar, water and lemon to gently and effectively remove hair in the natural direction of growth, resulting in smooth, beautiful skin.

sugaring treatment in Algonquin

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is the “more comfortable” alternative to waxing. Sugaring is a completely natural and organic formula is made from 3 ingredients that you can actually pronounce! Water, sugar, and lemon, that’s it! People often ask, “How is sugaring more comfortable?” Yes, it is still the removal of unwanted body hair. But because of sugars malleable nature it can get down to the root at a much, much cooler temperature. Sugar only sticks to unwanted hair, not the surrounding skin. Sugaring is much more of an art; it takes a considerable amount of skill to perfect the flick of the wrist that seamlessly removes hair making it much more comfortable for the client.

Wax is different.

Wax is heated to extremely high temperatures to maintain its liquid form for application. The heat from wax can be uncomfortable in sensitive areas, and even burn sometimes. Moreover, Wax sticks to live cells, dead cells, and the hair. The big difference, wax sticks to the skin, sugar doesn’t. Waxing can even cause damage to the skin barrier. Wax is not an organic substance, and often irritates sensitive skin. Wax can also break the hair shaft, not completely removing the root of the hair. This is why waxing often causes ingrown hairs and irritation.

Why Sugar?

Besides being more comfortable, sugaring lasts longer. Most people see results of about 4 weeks when done regularly. With regular services, clients see their body hair become less dense and thinner. But don’t worry, unlike wax, sugar can still pick up and clean up those fine hairs. Sugaring can also be done on hair at a much shorter length, so you only need to wait 3-4 days after shaving, not a full week (honestly, just put the razor down, give up shaving all together). There is no down time with sugaring. Because the paste isn’t as hot, nor as irritating, it doesn’t even leave behind a sticky residue, once your service is complete, you’re ready to go. For people that cannot wax due to skin irritation or skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and allergies, sugaring is the perfect alternative to get rid of unwanted hair and leave your body silky smooth.

Sugaring Pricing

Full Brazilian – $55 (Full Brazillian + butt strip)

Bikini Sides – $30

Butt Strip – $15

Full Leg – $75

½ Leg – $45

Feet – $20

Toes – $10

Full Stomach – $35

½ Stomach – $20

Stomach Strip – $10

Full Back – $40

½ Back – $30

Shoulders – $20

Full Arms – $35

½ Arms – $25

Under Arms – $20

Hands – $15

Fingers – $10

Neck – $10



Sideburns – $10

Upper Lip – $10

Cheeks – $15

Chin – $15

Full Face (Excluding Brows) $30


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